U.S. Citizenship

Attorney Dayna Wheatley has 13 years of experience providing personalized solutions for obtaining U. S. Citizenship (Naturalization).

Wait Times

People may apply for U.S. Citizenship after three years of permanent residence if they obtained their permanent residence on the basis of marriage, are still married, and are still living with their spouses.

Certain military personnel may expedite their citizenship applications without meeting a residency requirement.

Otherwise, people may apply for U.S. Citizenship after five years.

Other Requirements

Residence and good moral character requirements must be met. If you have ever voted, claimed citizenship, had tax problems, child support problems, or been  arrested for any crime after receiving permanent residence (Green Card), consult with an attorney before filing for citizenship.

Most people will also need to pass an English test and a civics test in order to naturalize for U.S. citizenship.



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