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The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) offers temporary relief and opportunities to young undocumented immigrants in the U.S. It protects dreamers, grants work permits, and enables them to contribute to society.

What is DACA?

Introduced in 2012, DACA safeguards eligible individuals, known as Dreamers, from deportation. It grants them temporary legal status to pursue education, work, and community involvement.

DACA Eligibility Requirements in New Orleans

Understand the specific criteria for DACA eligibility, including age, continuous U.S. residence, and educational/military requirements. Seek guidance from an experienced immigration attorney to navigate the application process.

Key Benefits of DACA for Dreamers

Explore the benefits of DACA, such as protection from deportation, work authorization, and access to educational opportunities, opening doors for Dreamers to shape their future.

Guidance on the DACA Renewal Process

Learn about the DACA renewal process, ensuring uninterrupted protection and work authorization. Timely renewal is crucial to maintaining legal status and continuing to enjoy the program's benefits.

Latest DACA Advocacy and Policy Developments

Stay informed about policy changes, legal challenges, and advocacy efforts supporting DACA. Discover how organizations fight to preserve and expand DACA for a pathway to permanent legal status.

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DACA has been transformative for Dreamers, offering hope, stability, and the opportunity to thrive. Stay informed, seek legal advice, and support efforts to protect the rights and aspirations of Dreamers as DACA continues to evolve.

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